King Kong Herbal Incense Review


Welcome to the long awaited Mr. VP’s King Kong Botanical Incense Review! Special Guest – My sis! Her first time ever! HGM

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  1. chillagorella says:

    call it a super freak for shizza

  2. TheBigcat123987 says:

    i dont reccommend this shit bros i did it for the first time, took 2 hits and was literaly experiecing the worst mental tourture and hallucenations ever, i cant explain it DONT DO IT

  3. haunclannie says:

    160 lbs. Quit trying to act so tough. Also, I bought some king kong. the same red bag, it had apparently come from Houston. It looked nothing like that it. 20% of it was turquoise and pink leaves. I took a normal size hit and heat just shot down to my hands and feet. my whole body felt there was a massager on every part of my body. And my heart was beating so fast I went and told my mom I was having a heart attack. If you make any more king Kong videos I think you should mention this.

  4. shadowkin says:

    Dude you seem cool as fuck. Good reviews, much love.

  5. LedgenProductions says:

    fuck u..you are the moron watching this review

  6. LedgenProductions says:

    no its true…can u still buy it today..if u can let me know where cuz i wants some

  7. LedgenProductions says:

    hahah 2 of my homies when threw the same trip…is all in your head….

  8. LedgenProductions says:

    i fuckin hate diablo…we need king kong homie!!lol

  9. LedgenProductions says:

    @darkdevil0008 its way stronger than diablo…i try diablo when my supplier had no more king kong and it didn’t even get me high

  10. dscrecords817 says:

    lier i just bought king kong -__-

  11. sgtcool5005 says:

    shit is good but kinda expensive imo

  12. stephenwuemling says:

    after smoking diablo or king kong i find it best to sit on my ass for about 15 minutes before i do a damn thing lol tryed it once driving and it was like driving in the twilight zone

  13. dax348 says:

    no shit dude i know how u fell,be very careful with this shit

  14. rednecklonghorn82 says:

    Tried this last night and screwed my world. Dont drive and smoke!!!! Ended up wrecking and a DUI

  15. DragonCawk says:

    I tried this shit yesterday. took a big rip out of a bong and immediately felt high. Then I got higher and higher. I tripped FUCKING BALLS mannn, it doesn’t last very long though. If your into tripping, smoke this shit

  16. ismellmonkeybutts says:

    Yesterday I smoked some of this shit it’s too strong I had smoked it out of w bong and I have to say if u have too much its fucking scary as FUCK man D: I was freakin hallucinating throwing up and shit dude just remember when smoking this shit LIGHT HITS

  17. solderjay says:

    wow this stuff came out like in the 60s! synthetic cannabis that is. but JWH came out in 2002! and no it hasnt DIRECTLY killed anyone. any report about an “overdose” the person either just got paranoid and it was reported as an OD or they were also on other medications. the side effects of antidepressants are worse than the side effects of incense. but if u word it right u can make anything sound like a dangerous drug. if someone over hydrates and gets sick they dont call in overdosing on water!

  18. PureKush1992 says:

    your a fucking moron ..

  19. cohpwnage says:

    lol what a waste of dna. You should have ended up as a stain on your mothers sheets. Herbal incense has been around since 2002 and no sooner. It was created in europe not china you moron.

  20. vpgmarrero says:

    documented proof is the only way anyone will listen

  21. auxois3 says:

    been around longer than 9 years you retard, and yes many people have died from it the only reason you dont hear about it is because our chinese controlled government is keeping it under wraps so that they can whittle down the lazy, stoner, hipster population and make room for real workers. oh and btw just because you looked something up online doesnt make you smart… nor does it make it true… you soon to be dead burn out.

  22. cohpwnage says:

    @auxois3 @auxois3 Yeah, because in the 9 years this stuff has been around, not one case of it killing someone has been reported. THATS 9 YEARS you moron. This stuff has been around since 2002 and has been studied in Germany and was deemed a narcotic and nothing more. This guy is right, its just synthetic THC added, nothing more.

    Get your facts straight you waste of sperm.

  23. vpgmarrero says:

    King Kong is no longer be available. Diablo is in the process of being upgraded. He will be out in the new two months.

  24. auxois3 says:

    i dunno why im even wasting time posting population control is a good thing, especially the type of people attracted to this product, all a bunch of thug drug addicts anyways

  25. auxois3 says:

    i dunno why i typed used in caps

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