Mr. VP’s NolaGoldIncense.com Holiday Special


That’s right, Mr. VP is offering per gram to celebrate the holidays and new ownership. Now until supplies last at the official website. Get the freshest batch and the #1 brands in the country. Super Nova – Nola Gold – King Kong – Diablo

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  1. twilightdimension says:

    what happened to this dude he hasnt reviewed in awhile this incense must of ate his brain by now

  2. MixedXGamingHD says:

    hes prolly dead

  3. dt908911atyahoo says:

    Dude u look like a Asian crack monkey!!!!! Stop selling this shit you look like shit and your products aren’t natural or good!!!!!

  4. kds242 says:

    Another foreigner trying to profit on the Americans

  5. Tarzan1097 says:

    please bring kush back the blue bag, red bag and green bag back with the same potency

  6. thunderhorse1000 says:

    oh aight, but yea i love yo vids bro

  7. vpgmarrero says:

    I’ve tried salvia. It gets me hallucinating strong for 5 minutes and then gave me a 5 hour headache. The high isn’t worth the headache. :)

  8. thunderhorse1000 says:

    this is sweet bro, i know u stopped doing reviews on incense but it would be tight if you could do a review on salvia

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