Nola Gold Herbal Incense Review


I decided to give y’all and update on the SuperNova and let ya hear my thoughts on Nola Gold. I’m from the city of the World Champs Nola Gold. It’s time I hit that b*t@h! I made a little commercial too, for fun. Enjoy the show!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jason Karbz says:

    I think Super Nova is better. i cant find this one anywhere local tho :( . check out moodchillin com for the Super Nova tho. total blaze1!

  2. MrsDirtbag1 says:

    No, he means Nola.

  3. dethklok800 says:

    And this stuffs good until you build up a tolerance after about a month of using it 20-30 times a day. Then it barely does SHIT

  4. dethklok800 says:

    U mean NOVA gold?

  5. allendeer says:

    TRY G6 Rasta

  6. ichubbs81 says:

    i started on apple kush…awesome stuff n the went on to Klimax by kush….woooo blow u away….n thr best i tried out of them all would be Kush Pink…..Dont evvvvver by DreamSmoke,i gotta bigger buzz off eating a apple..lol

  7. KingBalisong says:

    This shit is pretty ok but i just ran out :( ! Well tha hell imma smoke some bay leaves till i get a refill on this XD

  8. protoroc says:

    This shit smells like dirty pussy. The buzz is ok but I can’t get past the smell.

  9. PHDinCBDs says:

    I don’t know where to find nola gold incense (i they made serenity now which I’ve been looking for) They got rid of that stuff at local headshops a while ago. have no problems ordering incense online though lots of good vendors out there like trance herbals with stuff that’s way stronger and lasts longer than store brands.

  10. 1vetfurt1 says:

    where the fuck do you find the shit now

  11. blackmode5014 says:

    why does it say tht it is $99,999.00

  12. insaneQSkilla says:

    Nice vidz bro. But random
    Ass question whats your ethinicity

  13. Reepisheep says:


  14. softtacos says:

    dude, why you so shakey?

  15. notSupremeCash says:

    Smoke it. Once you do get at me, tell me it’s not as good as the chronik.

  16. FireHerbalIncense says:

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  17. Steamrollersmoker says:

    Who the fuck lights a joint Like that smoke one or the other dude

  18. CannaToker says:

    I have a potent AM-2201/JWH-122/JWH-250 herbal incense blend for sale–1 oz for $60–1/2 oz for $35–and 1-13g for $2.75/gram…Can’t beat these prices, Guaranteed! PM me or email me at fireherbalincense@gmail.com w/ “YouTube” as subject if interested.

  19. brukernavn142 says:

    well then use a damn lighter

  20. brukernavn142 says:

    then just use a lighter

  21. vpgmarrero says:

    so the joint will burn evenly

  22. brukernavn142 says:

    why the heck are u using the cigarette

  23. djpxtc1 says:


  24. vpgmarrero says:

    1. crop your bud (take all seeds and stems out)
    2. set up your paper (orange zig zag) fold the tips so you don’t lose bud
    3. place cropped bud into zig zag
    4 place on dollar bill
    5. roll

  25. 8weeb says:

    how do u roll wit like a dollar bill and all that i was watchin your super nova and u did the same thing so like how u roll like that??

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